Alessia Tantric Massage London Parlour

Offering best tantric / sensual massage, our massage parlour have different therapist for each day,  you have no excuse not to try  our unique style! We have been practicing tantra / tantric massage therapy since 1996 and have honed a skill set that is that is based on techniques that are proven to improve your libido, increase sexual life of motion and flexibility and are also extremely relaxing.Through a number of treatment methods including:

Tantric massage, Erotic massage, Nuru massage, B2b massage, 4 hands massage, Couples massage, Prostate massage, Lingam massage Your needs are important to Alessia Massage! We can assure you that your massage is specifically designed to you. Finding a good massage in London and Westminster is difficult, We are  certain that we can satisfy your needs  for a both sensual and relaxing at the same.

Schedule A Massage Today! We hope that you will take a few moments to review the pages within this site and make an educated decision on what you want to do about your current situation. Whether you are just stressed out from the burdens of work, kids, life, or, if you have a specific sensual needs from overworking your muscles, repeated activity, or even just aggravating your muscles during sleep. We will have a natural solution to your body and soul. I hope that you will call/text (0790) 455-1109, email, or conveniently book online soon to schedule your next tantric massage in London.

Tantric massage London

You will love our Tantric massage session where you will be the center of the sexual celebrations. Be ready to let yourself loose and reach the sexual pinnacle!

When you come to us for a Tantric session, you might be wondering what you will be facing. This section will tell you exactly what you will experience so that you can prepare yourself for this beautiful and sacred event.

  • Massage studio You will be asked to step into a sacred space where the atmosphere is set up for relaxation and the conjuring of the Tantric moment. In our massage studio, we have opted to use cozy colors, beautiful aromas and soft lighting for you to feel comfortable upon stepping in.
  • Our guidance Right at the start and the end of each Tantric session, our masseuse will guide you to meditate so that you can easily allow yourself to enter the Tantric state later on. This is also the best moment for you to build the bridge towards the divine and your mind. The masseuse will next guide you to breathe right. You might think this is very easy to do but we have a special technique for you to breathe to gain relaxation and step out of your congested consciousness so that you leave all your worldly worries behind before you step into the Tantric haven.
  • The Tantric massage commencement The masseuse will next use a neutral smelling oil and rub it gently and sensually all over your naked body. With experienced skills, the massage strokes will neither be too hard or too soft and will lead you into an erotic state of mind. At this moment, you will start to feel yourself letting go of your physical restrictions and receive the pampering.
  • Controlling your ejaculation Yes, you might be thinking that when you are being massaged in such an erotic way, you are unable to control your ejaculation but our masseuse has the best in experience to teach you how to prolong its arrival. This will help you gain sexual power and prolonged sensitivity, aiding you to experience every minute of this sexual ecstasy to its fullest.
  • Releasing When it is time to let you release all your sexual awakening at the end, the masseuse will do this by massage your prostate in a pleasurable way beyond words. All our masseuses all trained to give a prostate massage that will lead you to orgasm.

Sensual and Erotic massage London

Want to be sexually pampered and experience erotic ecstasy to the fullest? Your dreams will come true right here with us!

If you come across these two synonymous terms, let us tell you that they mean the same thing. Some other places advertised sensual massage as a cheaper service and erotic massage as the more expensive counterpart but in actual fact, that is just a gimmick to charge their clients for more money. Right here with us, we give you what you seek in one package – and trust us when we say that you will come back for more!

A sensual and erotic massage is the purest form of using beautiful strokes and pressure rubbing to evoke a state of sexual awakening in you. This type of massage originated from the Western world where the sexual gurus and healers have worked on their development for ages. For the men, a sensual and erotic massage is bound to hold off the ejaculation stage for longer and help them reach higher altered state of consciousness. It is also known that if you have problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or pelvic floor pain, a sensual and erotic massage can easily rectify them.

Remember, a sensual and erotic massage London is not simply here to bring pleasures alone. For ages, this form of massage has been known to be applied for medical purposes as mentioned earlier. With such an experience, you can also easily learn the techniques to use it as part of your foreplay with your own spouse or partner. This sexual therapy will definitely bring your relationship to new heights!

Here are hints to what might be used for a sensual and erotic massage:

  • Light-smelling flowers
  • Scented candles
  • Oils that have aphrodisiacal characteristics
  • Sensual music playing in the background



Oriental massage London

Our ladies will hasten reach your location in with surprising speed to set you along the process of relishing your customized Oriental Massage for as long as you require. Nothing you’ll ever order can provide you with satisfaction comparable to what you’ll be receiving from one, or maybe even two of our highly attractive Asian girls present in the flesh to give you an exemplary Oriental Massage London at charges within your reach.


This therapy covers relaxing , tantric and body 2 body massage. It will start with a relaxing massage which will cover a wide range of areas on the body including the back, legs, arms and neck. The therapist will use her naked body to arouse and create ultimate pleasure before proceeding to the Lingam massage.

Tantric massage London

Do you want to be part of the privileged group to learn the secret to the sensual art of Tantra? What you will discover here will certainly blow your mind! Before we get to the Tantric massage, let us first establish what Tantra is. Thousands of decades ago, Tantra was found to be the element of balance and harmony between the cosmic female and the cosmic male energies. It is also very much about enjoying this sacred moment. This is definitely valuable in a world of ours today where stress run amok and financial worries wash our lives away. Tantra uses our bodily sexual energy as a route to understand our physical self and the hidden pleasures underneath our consciousness.

Tantra massage London

Through a Tantric massage, you create a sacred space for Tantra to occur and enable yourself to enter into an erotic trance of utmost relaxation and ecstasy development. Your experienced masseuse will use a combination of tantric techniques to lead you into this high state of erotic awareness. All you have to do is to be willing to receive this pampering and surrender your entire state of being to activate the Chakras of your body. Through a Tantric massage, you will also learn how to prolong your sexual pleasure for a longer period of time under the help of a chanting masseuse.

Alessia Couples Massage

A genuine tantric therapy includes a long period of preparation, generating a sensual and sacred atmosphere, ambiance, a sense of ritual and calm. The two therapists will guide you and your partner through the preparation for the sensual massage.


Alessia Topless Massage

Here you will have an opportunity to deepen & surrender into your pleasure. sensual, divine,most pleasurable, healing, touch, therapy & connection are just some of the words to describe what you will experience.The therapist will be wearing only a bikini letting your imagination do the rest.