January 4, 2020

Older man with younger woman

Recently, on a very warm sunny day, I walked along the river behind my house. I walked alone and felt a bit lonely, but that changed soon enough, because there was a lot to see along the way. There were runners who passed me and cyclists who flashed by. People on terraces who had a lot of fun. In the distance I saw an ice cream man! I was in the mood for an ice cream! Next to me was a couple in love. They couldn’t be separated from each other and that was what attracted their attention, but there was also something else that caught the eye and that was the big age difference. She was around thirty and he was around fifty or maybe older. She was wearing a bright red dress with a plunging neckline. She liked it and most passers-by thought so too. Some stared at her. Her companion looked at her with a big smile. I suspected he wasn’t jealous at all. They bought their ice cream after I bought my ice cream, because they had not decided yet. After I finished my ice cream I walked into a nearby restaurant where I once worked years ago. I stayed longer than planned.

When I walked back home I took a different route. The route along the big white house and the beautiful garden with plants and flowers. This road was shorter and I was able to admire the monumental house from the last century. It had been on the market for two years and it had recently been inhabited again. Unfortunately I had not yet met the new residents. I was good friends with the previous owner’s daughter. We did the same sport. Every morning we ran!

This time I did not run, but very quietly. I was alone and the memories of the past few years came to mind. Actually I didn’t feel like ringing the bell at all, but I did. Nobody opened the door, I walked back on the path past the house. The garage doors were open. I saw a car! I dared not walk any further, but I was curious. Behind the house next to the pool, I saw the same couple I saw at the ice cream man a few hours ago. Her exciting outfit was on the grass and she was only wearing her high heels. I was secretly watching the couple. They didn’t notice. I hid myself among the bushes along the path and watched the woman’s challenging show. She shook her body. Her shapely breasts were a showpiece. Her long beautiful hair occasionally covered her breasts as she danced. A flexible dancer with experience! She walked elegantly to the wooden garden table next to the pool. She stepped on it! Her older friend looked at her intently. For the second time I saw his big smile. He enjoyed her challenging erotic movements she made with her lower body. He wanted to grab her, but she wanted to tease him and stepped aside. Her red-painted nails covered her dash. He took her by the hand and pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her waist. He looked up, got up and took her by the waist and laid her on the wooden table.

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