February 13, 2020

During the night

It was my turn to go into the night with Nicole in the nursing home where we work. It had been a hot day, and the night had not really cooled. I was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and had flip flops on. Nicole was dressed in a short skirt, a shirt with spaghetti straps and also slippers. After the transfer we went through a check to see if all residents were in bed and that the front door was locked.

Back from the round we drank a cup of coffee on the terrace of the staff room. We sat against each other. Nicole sat down with her legs wide. I could see between her legs. I saw that she was not wearing underpants. I felt my cock grow and Nicole saw the bulge in my pants. “If you want you can fuck me on the terrace, nobody can see us”; Nicole said. Well, I didn’t let myself say that for the 2nd time. We got up, I pulled down my pants and Nicole pulled up her skirt. My cock got up and I guided him to Nicole’s pussy. He entered without effort. Nicole’s cave was wet. I fucked her with a lot of suds. What a nice tight pussy she had. I fucked her hard and then soft again. After a while I felt cum coming and pumped it into her pussy. “What can you fuck nice”; Nicole said. Sweating with exertion and warmth, I took my dick out of her fuck hole. We walked in to have a wash and then we had a drink.

After the 2nd control round we sat outside again, but now completely naked. Nicole had a nice b cup breast and a bald pussy. They were a bit damp from the heat at night. We couldn’t resist chatting up each other. Nicole took my cock and started to blow me. Just as she was busy, a beeper went off. A resident needed help. Shit, we thought. I made contact with the resident and asked what was going on. Madam was thirsty and wanted a drink. We had 1 problem, we were naked. But Nicole suddenly said, “Why should we get dressed? Madam is blind, it doesn’t matter if we go to her dressed or naked. “We decided to go to her naked and give her a drink. We went with the 2 because the lady herself could do nothing at all.

When we came back we continued with what we were doing, to get each other on.

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