April 3, 2020


Dear reader,

Because I am in a good mood today I will entertain you with a spicy story. The story has been taken from life, experienced last week by the undersigned, and by writing about it I hope to experience the erotic shudder that almost drove me to insanity last week.

It promised to be an average Saturday. We sat with a group of friends at someone’s house drinking beers and telling strong stories. This is mainly to dispel boredom. There were eight of us, 6 men and 2 women. The two women were 2 friends, each of whom had a relationship with one of the men. The other 4 men were single, so it was obvious that the subject of the strong stories soon turned to decorating women.

E. told of a woman he took home from the pub the previous weekend. She had nice tits and was terribly horny. The other men cheered E. a little while he was telling his story. They gave him compliments like “well done!”, “Lucky guy!”. However, Samantha, F.’s girlfriend, took the story very seriously. She asked E. what was his conquest wearing, whether she had sucked it, whether she was neatly shaved, nice and tight?

We men found such explicit questions from a woman interesting and at the same time were somewhat embarrassed. The atmosphere soon became laughable and Samantha soon got her questions bounced back. Whether she herself was neatly shaved and whether she liked pipes. I saw that F. didn’t like this, he turned a bit red and asked the men to stop. Samantha ignored him, however, and answered eagerly. She was completely bald and liked to use her mouth. She was of course loyal to F. but secretly fantasized about a trio with two men.

F. shouted at his discomfort and shouted that if a trio were to come, it would really have to happen to two women. Samantha objected to him a bit meanly that he did have a big mouth but wouldn’t dare to do that at all. F. of course now had no choice but to deny that tough. He even went the extra mile and shouted “The more women the better!”. Samantha smiled defiantly. “How about Suzan?” She winked at her friend, S.’s girlfriend. Suzanne laughed shyly, got red cheeks and said “Yes, sure.” It didn’t sound like she really meant it. I thought she probably didn’t want to ruin Samantha’s joke.

F. clearly didn’t like it, he asked Samantha to be normal. S., however, seemed to have few problems with it. “You can hear me!” He said to F. “But then we want to look. Suzanne may be shy, but she is actually very exhibitionistic. “Suzanne now turned bright red, but oddly she kept quiet. “This is your chance,” Samantha told F., and as she said this, her fingers started to unbutton F’s pants. F. had had enough and pushed her hands away.

For a moment the tension was cut. Everyone felt that there was not much more to do before F. would ignite in anger. Fortunately, S. brought the ideal distraction. “Shall we make cards men? We do a game of strip poker and whoever wins can take off a Suzanne piece of clothing. Whoever strips her of the last piece of clothing can do what he wants with her. Or better yet, whoever wins must do everything we ask him to do. “

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